Shrek Academy Edit

Flender Edit

Zhao Wuji is good friends with Flender and often tangles with him. He is unable to defeat Flender in a fight. He is the Vice Dean of Shrek Academy and takes charge when Flender and Liu Erlong are absent.

Liu Erlong Edit

Zhao Wuji respects Liu Erlong and although is superior to her in Spirit Power, he is not confidant in fighting against her due her violnet nature.

Yu Xiaogang Edit

Zhao Wuji respects Yu Xiaogang's knowledge and tactics.

Shrek Seven Devils Edit

Tang San Edit

Zhao Wuji is initially a bit cross with him since he outlasted him in a battle. After being beaten up by Tang Hao, he is a bit reluctant to be strict with him. However after his many achievements he is proud of him as one of his teachers.

Others Edit

Tang Hao Edit

Zhao Wuji is afraid of him as he beat him even without the use of Spirit Rings.

Tai Tan Edit

Zhao Wuji is wary and afraid of him and was forced into hiding because he hurt one of the clansmen of the One Strength Clan.

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