Yu Tianheng Edit

Yu Tianheng is Yu Xiaogang's nephew. He cares for him a lot and since Yu Tianheng was a child he acted more like a father, often paying with him and telling him stories.

Golden Iron Triangle Edit

Liu Erlong Edit

Liu Erlong is Yu Xiaogang's cousin. Without the knowledge that they were cousins, they fell in love with each other and got married. After finding out she was his cousin he left never to return in order to maintain her image and not ruin her reputation. After they meet up again almost after 20 years, he accepts her love for him, but however confines it strictly to a mental relationship rather than a physical one.

Flender Edit

Flender is Yu Xiaogang's best friend, close to him almost as a brother. He cares very much about him as it is seen he wants to have a retired and peaceful life free from worries of money.

Shrek Seven Devils Edit

Tang San Edit

Tang San is Yu Xiaogang's disciple. He loves him deeply almost like his own son and helps make sure that he has a bright future ahead of him. Yu Xiaogang teaches Tang San everything he knows and wants to make him an unprecedented never before seen genius while making use of the theories he came up with. Tang San is Yuu Xiaogang's pride.

Xiao Wu Edit

Yu Xiaogang is shown to care for Xiao Wu as she is Tang San's best friend and adopted sister. She is impressed by her knowledge on Spirit Beasts some of which even himself doesn't know.

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