Fighting Style Edit

Yu Xiaogang due to the nature of his Spirit, does not always try to get into fights, but if he cannot avoid, he uses his superior intellect to deal with the situation, by coming up with tactics.

Spirit Edit

Yu Xiaogang's spirit is a Variant Spirit of Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon which manifests outside the body called Luo San Pao.

1st Spirit Ring Edit

Name: Thunder Shock

Incantation: Break wind like striking thunder, rumble the heavens and split the earth Luo San Pao!


  • Emits a powerful shock-wave.

2nd Spirit Ring Edit

Name: Mesmerize

Incantation: Break wind like mist, mesmerize to deep sleep Luo San Pao!


  • Mesmerizing an affected target.

Spirit Fusion Edit

Yu Xiaogang along with Flender and Liu Erlong forms the Golden Iron Triangle Spirit Fusion which has spirit harmonization of over 90% and is very powerful.

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