Family Edit

Yu Xiaogang Edit

Yu Xiaogang is Yu Tianheng's uncle. When he was a child, since his father was busy absorbing the duties of the clan head, he often played with Yu Xiaogang, and was carried around and told stories by him. He views Yu Xiaogang as a father and wishes he would return to the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan.

Emperor Team Edit

Dugu Yan Edit

Dugu Yan is Yu Tianheng's girlfriend. They have a very intimate relationship and cares for each other a lot.

Shrek Academy Edit

Qin Ming Edit

Before Qin Ming transferred to Shrek Academy, he was Yu Tianheng's teacher. He admires Qin Ming a lot and he is his idol.

Tang San Edit

Yu Tianheng admires Tang San for his ability. He views him as a rival. After finding out his age, which acts as a motivation for him and for his teammates, he works hard to be able to defeat him in battle.

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