Yan Shaozhe
Headmaster yan
Name Yan Shaozhe
Chinese 言少哲
Also Known As Bright Phoenix Douluo
Species Human
Age 100+
Gender Male
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Ye Xishui (Mother)

Long Xiaoyao (Father)

Master Mu Lao
Disciple Ma Xiaotao
Spirit Bright Phoenix
Spirit Rank Title Douluo - Rank 97
Spirit Rings
System Power Attack System
Professional Status
Occupation 261st Shrek Academy Headmaster
Wuhun Group Headmaster
Inner School Teacher
Affiliation Shrek Academy
Light Novel Debut
Manhua Debut Chapter 15



He has shown to care deeply for his student, caring for both her safety and her future. Even going as far as too trying to find her a husband.


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