Fighting Style Edit

As a Power Attack System Spirit Master Xie Yue looks to completely oppress his opponents using his tyrannical strength

Spirit Edit

Xie Yue's spirit is a Tool Spirit called Moon Blade.

Spirit Fusion Edit

Charm Demon Edit

Charm Demon is a Spirit Fusion ability between Xie Yue and Hu Liena which specializes as a Control System Spirit Fusion ability.


  • Senses reduced by 50%
  • Spirit Power suppressed by 50%
  • All actions slowed by 50%

Evil Blade Lord Edit

  • Manhua only.

Evil Blade Lord is a Spirit Fusion ability between Xie Yue and Yan.


  • Rising Dragon Explosive Flame

Devil Monster Edit

  • Manhua only.

Devil Monster is a Spirit Fusion ability between Hu Liena, Xie Yue and Yan.


  • Continuous Purple Flame Bullet

Other Edit

Full Moon Edit

Full Moon is a very powerful self-made spirit ability of Xie Yue which uses the rotation of the body to produce a whirlwind with his Moon Blades attacking the opponent.

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