Shrek Seven DevilsEdit

Tang San Edit

Xiao Wu becomes best friends with Tang San soon after they meet, often fighting with him and becoming his sparring partner. She is then adopted by Tang San as a sister following their visit to the Holy Spirit Village. She follows him around where ever he goes and becomes distraught if he is not close by or his whereabouts are unknown. She often makes Tang San buy her things and carry her around, give her massages just for the pleasure of being with him. Over time her deep affection turns to genuine love for Tang San which she fully realizes after she becomes the master of the Yearning Heartbroken Red herb. She makes him comb her hair, which her mother has told her never to let anyone but the man who she loved to do so. She has absolute faith in Tang San and is completely devoted to him.

Dai Mubai Edit

As a fellow Power Attack System battle Spirit Master she respects his strength. She considers him a good friend.

Zhu Zhuqing Edit

She and Zhu Zhuqing are great friends, as close as sisters. She is a bit envious of her curvaceous figure. She jokes around with Zhu Zhuqing even going as far as to discretely grope her.

Ning Rongrong Edit

After admission to the Shrek Academy, she and Ning Rongrong becomes roommates. Overtime she becomes a very close friend of hers, as close as sisters. She often gets teased by Ning Rongrong for how she behaves with Tang San. She in return teases her about Oscar.

Ma Hongjun Edit

Xiao Wu considers him as a pervert. However she considers him as a friend and helps him when it is needed as seen when Xiao Wu beats up Bu Le.

Oscar Edit

Xiao Wu is not bothered by Oscar's good looks. She considers him a good friend and supports him in the pursuit of Ning Rongrong.

Shrek Academy Edit

Liu Erlong Edit

Following her close call with death at the hands of the Man Faced Demon Spider, she is adopted as Liu Erlong's daughter. Xiao Wu is ecstatic as she had not felt the loving touch of a mother for a long time.

Yu Xiaogang Edit

She has a great amount of respect for Yu Xiaogang as he is the master of Tang San. She also trusts his knowledge and his training methods.

Flender Edit

Xiao Wu considers Flender as a money hungry extorting profiteer.

Spirit Beasts Edit

Er Ming Edit

She has a close relationship with Er Ming, which is seen with Er Ming appearing to take Xiao Wu following her entry to the Star Dou Forest.

Da Ming Edit