Fighting Style Edit

Wang Dong as a Power Attack System Spirit Master battles head on with his opponents, effectively and efficiently and tries to end the battle as soon as possible.

Spirit Edit

Bright Goddess Butterfly

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Initial Skill
  • Name: Bright Goddess Butterfly
  • Type: Beast Spirit
  • Produces wings of a butterfly.
  • Flight.
  • Can convert spirit power into speed.
Bright Goddess Butterfly

1st Spirit Ring Edit

  • Name: Guillotine Wings
  • Turns wings into blades to attack with.
Spirit Beast
  • Unknown
  • Age: 100+ Years
  • Spirit Ring Color: Yellow
Guillotine Wings

2nd Spirit Ring Edit

  • Name: Butterfly God Ray
  • Releases a bombardment of powerful light blasts in various directions.
Spirit Beast
  • Unknown
  • Age: 1,000+ Years
  • Spirit Ring Color: Purple
Wang Dong Butterfly ray

3rd Spirit Ring Edit

  • Name: Butterfly God Chop
  • Unleashes a 5 meter radius sphere of light around user. Enemies within the sphere get slashed by 108 rays of light.
Spirit Beast
  • Unknown
  • Age: 1,000+ years
  • Spirit Ring Color: Purple

Clear Sky HammerEdit

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Initial Skill
  • Name: Clear Sky Hammer
  • Manifests the Clear Sky Hammer
Clear sky hammer 2

Spirit Bones Edit

Gold Earth Dragon King Left Arm Bone

Gold Earth Dragon King Left Arm

Left Arm Bone - Golden Left Arm Bone Edit

In the manga, Huo Yuhao used his red card to exchange for the spirit bone for Wang Dong at Treasure Appreciating Ball. <p style="text-align: justify;">Spirit Beast

  • Golden Earth Dragon King - 10,000+ years
  • Golden Light :  increase the destructive power of the light elemental attacks.

Right Arm Bone - Fallen Light Demon Edit

In the manga, it's rewarded by the Shrek Academy.

Spirit Beast

  • Fallen Light Demon - TBA
  • TBA

Triple Innate Battle Spirit Fusion Edit

It is the spirit fusion of Wang Dong and Yuhao; they have a 100% fusion affinity rate which almost impossible as both party needs a high compatibility to each other.They can mix their soul force when in contact, multiplying it's regeneration, power and speed, it also affects the strength of their fusions.Additionally, whenever they are in physical contact, they can share energy with each other, however either of them using this power for spirit abilities is up to Yuhao's discretion due to Daydream manipulating the initial process that created this fusion power. According to Daydream Ice Silkworm,although their 3rd spirit was currently not fusable to each other,they can still fuse it's aura thus it further strengthen their fusion.

After some experimentation at the suggestion of Wang Yan, Yuhao and Wang Dong found that since they both currenlty have a two usable battle spirits, they have not only 1 but 4 possible Spirit Fusion Attacks.
HaoDong cultivation
The fusing of their qi not only unlocked a powerful attack, but also allowed them to work together during meditation to accelerate essence cultivation by putting their hands together.

Spirit Eyes + Bright Goddess Butterfly Edit

Name: Fading In Radiance, Golden Road (Dying in the Bright, Golden Road in the Manhua)

Effect: A golden path in a straight line, forcing target's spirit rings to deactivate, seals the target's spirit essence and makes the person(s) fall unconscious (although targets with much higher spirit levels will stay consc2ous) while still standing like a golden statue. Leaves behind a golden indentation where it carved a path in the ground. The attack is essentially an improved version of Soul Assault, augmented with the destructive force of the Bright Goddess Butterfly.

  • tournament#1 first round enemy defeated by golden road

Ice Scorpion Emperor + Clear Sky Hammer Edit

Name: Blaze Amidst the Frost, the Heavenly Emperor's Hammer

Effect: Summons a grown up version of Huo Yuhao. He then creates a giant ice hammer and smashes it down on the enemy.

Spirit Eyes + Clear Sky Hammer Edit

Name: The Divine Truth Among The Emptiness, Spiritual Storm

Effect: Giant humanoid shape appears and rains countless golden hammers on the enemy. This skill fuses the Clear Sky Hammer's most powerful attack with Huo Yuhao's spiritual shock. This spirit fusion attack doesn't use much soul power but it demand on spiritual power is terrifying. This attack could directly go through an opponent's spiritual sea to unceasingly attack one's spirit by using various memories, it doesnt do as simple as destroying one's spirit, but targets one's consciousness. This spirit fusion skill is strong enough to affect Huang Heyun, the Heavenfiend Lonestar Douluo while Huo Yuhao is Spirit Grandmaster and Wangdong is Spirit Elder.

Ice Scorpion Emperor + Bright Goddess Butterfly Edit

Name: Ice Frost Solo Dance - Goddess of Light

Effect: Summons a humongous "goddess butterfly" that looks like grown up Wang Dong powerful enough to disperse a Spirit Fusion attack produced by Yuhao's and Wang Dong's peers. This is the only one out of four spirit fusion that is under control of Wang Dong.