Tang SectEdit


Tang Ya is extremely close to Beibei and although she doesn't openly express her feelings, she harbors fellings of love for Beibei and often behaves rather intimately with him. Tang Ya relies on Beibei a lot and is often seen together with him. She is well aware of Beibei's feelings for her but tries to act as her teacher as she is the leader of Tang Sect.

Huo YuhaoEdit

Tang Ya adores Huo Yuhao and is very protective of him. She is especially fond of Yuhao fried fishes to the extent of making him a part of Tang Sect and also eating them everyday. She believes in Yuhao's potential and admires his determination and hopes he would suceed in integrating Tang Sect Hidden Weapons with Spirit Guidance Weapons in order to re-establish the former glory of Tang Sect.

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