Tang Sect
Name Tang Sect
Also Known As
Empire Heaven Dou Empire
Founder Tang San
Head Tang San (Soul Land I)

Tang Ya (Soul Land II)

Tang Sect is an organization that specializes in assassinations using Hidden Weapons and poisons.

Original Tang Sect Edit

The original Tang Sect is present in the world from Tang San's past life at Hell's Peak. It is divided into Inner Sect and Outer Sect. The Inner Sect members are able to learn all of the secrets of Tang Sect which has existed for centuries and have centuries of knowledge accumulated.

Tang Sect has many secrets and has many techniques. Their Hidden Weapons are designed and constructed in a way that no outsider can mimic. Even a Tang Sect disciple must learn them arduously for several years before becoming proficient in its use.

Soul Land: Description Edit

The Tang Sect is founded by Tang San. It is in Heaven Dou Empire in the Douluo Continent.

Tang sect is made up of former four great subsidiary clans of the Clear Sky Clan. They are Strength Clan, the Defense Clan, the Speed Clan and the Breaking Clan.

The Tang Sect contains areas of great importance :

  • Sect Manor
  • Martial Hall
  • Strength Hall
  • Defense Hall
  • Medicine Hall
  • Speed Hall

Hierarchy Edit

The most superior position in Tang Sect is the Sect Master. The Sect Master holds a great deal of power in the Tang Sect. In the Tang Sect, the Procedure Hall is where all discussion and decisions are made. its made up of ten people, the people in the Procedure Hall is the Sect Master, Vice Sect Master, Chief Elder, Elder's and Hall Master's.They discuss and make all major decisions in the sect, and it is decide by vote's. The voting system is that, each person in the Procedure Hall has one vote each. However the Sect Master possesses a veto power, a extra vote.

Under the Sect Master:

  • Vice Sect Masters

  • Chief Elder

  • Elders

  • Hall Masters

Members Edit

Soul Land I Edit

Soul Land II Edit

Trivia Edit

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