Fighting Style Edit

Tang Hao is a very hot blooded person who encounters his problems head on. He blasts away his opponent with his superior abilities, crushing any enemy that stands in his way. As a Title Douluo of Power Attack System he has explosive power.

Spirit Edit

Clear Sky Hammer

Info Image
Initial Skill
  • Name: Clear Sky Hammer
  • Type: Tool Spirit
  • Manifests the Clear Sky Hammer.
  • Gravitational effect.
  • Usage of Deathgod Domain
  • Utilization of Great Sumeru Hammer
  • Increases weight in every spirit rings added to the hammer.
Clear Sky Hammer 6

7th Spirit Ring Edit

  • Name: Clear Sky Hammer Spirit Avatar
  • Produces a 100 meter long giant hammer.
  • Enhancement of Death God domain
  • Contains massive burst power.
Spirit Ring
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Age: 10,000+ years
  • Colour: Black
Clear Sky Hammer 5

Other Edit

Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Edit

This is a technique of the Clear Sky Clan which allows the user to swing the hammer 81 times, each blow stronger than the previous. When used with the Clear Sky Hammer it produces a gravitational effect.

Deathgod Domain Edit

Death God Domain is obtained by Tang Hao following successfully traversing the Hell Road of Slaughter City and obtaining the Deathgod Title where the murderous aura obtained from numerous killings done in the Hell Slaughter Arena is absorbed and condensed into a domain, which can be released at any time.

It provides imposing manner and pressure formed from killing intent which can leave the opponents unable to display their full strength, but the user himself can exhibit one hundred twenty percent of their strength. With the growth of spirit, the proportion of weakening the opponent and strengthening oneself will also increase.

Great Sumeru Hammer Edit

This is a special technique taught to only one person in each generation of Clear Sky Clan.This technique involves condensing all spirit rings into one body, and then channeling it into Clear Sky Hammer, turning into the purest strength and attack power. The Great Sumeru Hammer is actually a God technique, only able to be fully utilized when the user attains God level.

  • Exploding Ring - It is a life-risking technique of the Great Sumeru Hammer. Each spirit ring can perform the exploding ring once. The power of each spirit ring could burst out completely and turn into power, merged to the attack to create formidable force that far surpassed the original attack. The higher the quality of the spirit rings, the greater the force will be. Each spirit ring can launch one attack. After all had exploded, the user will become very fragile. If the user can't control the power of the exploding rings, he will be devoured by the exploding power.

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