Family Edit

Tai Nuo Edit

Tai Nuo is Tai Tan's son. He cares for his son but however is strict with him.

Tai Long Edit

Tai Long is Tai Tan's grandson, who he cares for and trusts to follow his word.

Shrek Seven Devils Edit

Tang San Edit

Hearing Tang San defeated both Tai Long and Tai Nuo he wishes to recruit him to his One Strength Clan. However after finding out he is the son of Tang Hao he becomes very emotional, becoming extremely respectful to Tang San. He admires Tang San for his strength and intellect. He even sets Tai Long as his bodyguard.

Clear Sky Clan Edit

Tang Hao Edit

Tai Tan greatly admires Tang Hao, one of his former masters from the Clear Sky Clan. He is worried about him and wishes to meet up with him.

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