Spirit Ranks denote the strength of a person. Spirit Rank is commonly upgraded by Spirit Cultivation. The Spirit Ranks are graded in multiples of 10, with the highest being Title God, but one hasn't been seen for 10,000 years in soul land 3. Following are the Spirit Masters according to their rank in Soul Land III.

Spirit Rank System Edit

  • In brackets are the alternate Names (if any) of the ranks.

Rank 1 - 10 : Spirit Scholar (Trainee)

Rank 11 - 20 : Spirit Master

Rank 21 - 30 : Spirit Grandmaster

Rank 31 - 40 : Spirit Elder (Expert)

Rank 41 - 50 : Spirit Ancestor (Leader)

Rank 51 - 60 : Spirit King (Lord)

Rank 61 - 70 : Spirit Emperor (King)

Rank 71 - 80 : Spirit Sage (Saint)

Rank 81 - 90 : Spirit Douluo

Rank 91 - 99 : Title Douluo

Rank 100 : Title God

Individual Ranks Edit

Title God Edit

Title Douluo Edit

Spirit Douluo Edit

Spirit Sage Edit

Spirit Emperor Edit

Guang Biao

Rank 60+

Wuzhang Kong
Wuzhang Kong Rank

Rank 60+

Spirit King Edit

Yeying Rong
Yeying Rong1

Rank 50+

Spirit Ancestor Edit

Mang Tian
Mang Tian Ranks

Rank 40+

Spirit Elder Edit

Xie Xie
Xie Xie

Rank 33

Mu Xi

Rank 30+

Liu Yuxin
Lin Yuxin

Rank 30+

Gu Yue
Gu Yue Rank

Rank 30+

Xu Xiaoyu

Rank 30+

Spirit Grandmaster Edit

Xu Xiaoyan

Rank 29

Tang Wulin
Tang Wulin Rank

Rank 28

Guang Long
Guang Long

Rank 27

Wang Jinxi

Rank 23

Wei Xiaofeng

Rank 22

Zhang Yangzi

Rank 22

Xu Lizhi

Rank 20+

Ye Xinglan

Rank 20+

Spirit Master Edit

Han Lan

Rank 13

Yun Xiao
Yun xiao

Rank 12

Gutian Ming
Gutian Ming1

Rank 11

Gutian Ri
Gutian Ri1

Rank 11

Gutian Yue
Gutian Yue1

Rank 11

Tao Liufan

Rank 11

Wanyun Chao
Xanyun Chao Rank

Rank 11

Zhou Zhangxi
Zhou Zhangxi

Rank 11

Spirit Scholar Edit

No Spirit Yet Edit

No Spirit Edit

Nuo Er
Nuo er thumbnail

No Rank

Unknown Rank Edit

Cen Yue

Rank ??

Mu Chen

Rank ??

Tang Ziran

Rank ??

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