Spirit Empire
Name Spirit Empire
Also Known As
Founder Bibi Dong
Head Bibi Dong

Spirit Empire was founded be Bibi Dong, the Supreme Pontiff of the Spirit Hall, some time after the destruction of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan and the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan. The domain of the Spirit Empire spans across the lands formerly controlled by the Spirit Hall, as well as lands that used to be controlled by minor kingdoms and duchies.

Hierarchy Edit

The Spirit Empire is currently ruled by the Spirt Empress Bibi Dong. There are Seven Priests under the Spirt Empress, however, the Seven Priests are lead by one of their own, the Grand Priest. To become one of the Seven Priests, one must be a Title Douluo with Spirt Rank of 96 or higher. After the Seven Priests, there are the Elders, who are all Title Douluos.

Members Edit

Spirt Emperor/Empress:

Spirit Empire Holy Maiden:



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