Spirit City
Spirit City
Name Spirit City
Also Known As

Description Edit

Spirit City is a city that belonged entirely to the Spirit Hall. It is the main city of Spirit Hall which was located at the border of the both great empires. The empires do not have any jurisdiction or authority over the Spirit City.

Places of Importance Edit

Supreme Pontiff Palace

The Supreme Pontiff Palace Edit

The Supreme Pontiff Palace is a magnificent and glorious palace built as the residence of the Supreme Pontiff.

Douluo Palace Edit

Douluo Palace is the final resting place of Title Douluos and it carries immense importance. Douluo Palace is solemn tower that exist above the level of all other towers. Nobody is permitted to enter the Douluo Palace, not even the Supreme Pontiff.

Plot Edit

The finals of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament is held in the Spirit City.

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