Spirit Bones
HYSpirit Bone1
Name Spirit Bones
Also Known As

Spirit Bones are the bones which are left following the death of a Spirit Beast. The chances of a Spirit Beast dropping a Spirit Bones is extremely rare. But the possibility of dropping a Spirit Bone does increase if the Spirit Beast feels huge amount of resentment before getting killed, dies willingly or if the Spirit Beast are grateful for their death.

Spirit Bones can be sold and bought, but at a supremely high prices. Even wars occur to take these bones. There were once two countries that fought for a 20,000 year old Spirit Bone and lots of people died. That is why, the 10,000 year old Spirit Bones are also known as The Treasures of the Bloody River.

Spirit Bones are considered as extremely important, as much as Spirit Rings, as they provide new abilities to the wielder. A person can use 6 Spirit Bones on 6 parts of the body, which cannot be overlapped. According to their importance they are:

  • Chest Bone
  • Skull Bone
  • Left Arm Bone
  • Right Arm Bone
  • Left Leg Bone
  • Right Leg Bone

A Spirit Bone cannot be removed from a person unless they are killed or amputated.

Chest Bones Edit

Info Image

User: Huo Yuhao

Ice Scorpion Torso Bone
  • Permafrost Death Domain - freezes enemies within a certain range of the user.
Spirit Beast
  • Ice Scorpion Emperor
  • Age: 400,000 years
HYSpirit Bone1

Left Arm BonesEdit

Info Image

User: Wang Dong

Gold Left Arm Bone
  • Increases Light Abilities
  • Increases Attack Capability
  • Increases energy recovery
Spirit Beast
  • Golden Dragon Earth King
  • Age: ??? years
Dragon Bone

Left Leg Bones Edit

Info Image

User: Xiao Xiao

 ??? Panther Left Leg Bone
Chinese Name
  • Increases Speed
  • Grants Leg Attacks
Spirit Beast
  • ??? Panther
  • Age: ??? years
Panther Left Foot Spirit Bone

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