Light Novel Edit

Soul Land 2 Raw 1 - Tang Jia San Shao

Soul Land 2 Raw 2 - Alternate Site

Soul Land 2 Translation 1 - Setrass & Vennaenna at CookiePastaTranslations

Soul Land 2 Translation 2 - Translated by Sean at Wuxiaworld

Soul Land 2.5 Raw - Tang Jia San Shao

Soul Land 2.5 Translation -

Soul Land II MTL - Machine Translations

Manhua Edit

Original - Hei Zhi Shi (malware + poor availability)

Original - at SeeMH (no / less malware)

Original - at ManHuaTai (no / less malware)

Translation - At ReadMangaToday

Soul Land 2.5 - at SeeMH

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