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Shui Yue Er
Shui Yue Er 3
Name Shui Yue Er
Also Known As
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Dark Green
Eye Color
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Shui Bing Er (Half-Sister)
Spirit Dolphin
Spirit Rank Spirit Elder - Rank 36
Spirit Rings 2 Yellow

1 Purple

System Agility Attack System
Professional Status
Affiliation Skywater Academy

Sugar Water Group

Light Novel Debut Chapter 105
Manhua Debut Chapter 103

Appearance Edit

She is a short, dark green haired young woman appearing to be very young, her face somewhat childish.

Personality Edit

She is a very easy going and somewhat aloof person. She is not very shy.

Plot Edit

Before their fight against the Shrek Academy she shows interest for Dai Mubai to which she gets teased. At the start of the match following the Captain's introduction as a sign of respect, she also introduces herself which is something that is never done. Her gaze fixed on Dai Mubai, clearly expressing her interest in him.

She arrives at Shrek Academy along with the other members from the Four Elemental Academies to incite trouble.

Differences in the Manhua Edit

* In the Manhua she is part of an idol group called 'Sugar Water Group'.

Navigation Edit

Skywater Academy

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