Shrek Academy Team
Shrek Academy Team
Name Shrek Academy Team
Also Known As

Profile Edit

Shrek Academy Team is a team made up of 11 members taking part in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament. There are 4 substitute players apart from the Shrek Seven Devils who takes part in most of the games in order to hide the true strength of the Shrek Academy. They won the match.

Members Edit

Battle Record Edit

Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament Edit

Qualifiers Edit

  • 24 Wins
  • 2 Losses (Forfeited)

Ranking Competition Edit

  • 21 Wins
  • 0 Losses

Battle Formation Edit

With the 4 substitutes.

Tai Long
Tai Long Mug

Power Attack System

Dai Mubai
Dai Mubai Mug

Power Attack System

Huang Yuan
Huang Yuan Mug

Power Attack System

Xiao Wu
Xiao Wu Mug

Close Combat Power Attack System

Tang San
Tang San Mug

Control System

Jing Ling
Jing Ling Mug

Agility Attack System

Jiang Zhu
Jiang Zhu Mug

Auxiliary System

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