Sea God Trident
Name Sea God Trident
Also Known As
Type Divine / God Weapon

Description Edit

It is the Divine Weapon of the Sea God. It has a shape of a trident. the trident is black coloured. It has the weight of 108 000 Jin which is equal to 540,000 Kg, however to Tang San it only weighs 540 Kg. This Divine Weapon passed down in the seventh trial of the Sea God Trials.

It can’t be left in any spirit tools and only can be hold bythe current Sea God.

Users Edit

Abilities Edit

Sea gods Golden Thirteen HalberdsEdit

  • First Form - Unfixed Storm: Attack and defence united, the only restraining ability of the Golden Thirteen Halberds, and also the strongest restraining ability. If the target is hit, no matter how strong, for 8 seconds they cannot move. Also negates opponent's projectile attack. The more powerful the target is, the lower the success rate, with a minimum success rate of 50%.
  • Second Form - Millennial Space: Group attack ability. Envelops opponents in a golden cloud, followed by a powerful explosion.
  • Third Form - One Goes Without Return: Shoots out a half illusory golden light, as if cutting open the sky. Obliterates everything in its path.