Sea God Island
Name Sea God Island
Also Known As Devil Island
Head Sea Dragon Douluo

Description Edit

Sea God Island, also known as Devil Island to outsiders, is an island separate from the Douluo Continent but in close proximity.

The residents numbers around 2,000 with all of them being Spirit Masters. The islanders are said to be extremely powerful and unmatched in the seas. The residents worships the Sea God. On the behalf of Sea God, the Sea God Island head manages everything about this place.It is currently headed by Sea Dragon Douluo after the death of Sea God Douluo Bo Saixi

Seven Sacred Pillar Edit

  1. Sea Dragon Sacred Pillar - Sea Dragon Douluo
  2. Seahorse Sacred Pillar - Seahorse Douluo Ou Ya
  3. Sea's Lance Sacred Pillar - Sealance Douluo
  4. Sea's Fantasy Sacred Pillar - Sea Illusion Douluo
  5. Sea Star Sacred Pillar - Sea Star Douluo
  6. Sea Devil Sacred Pillar - Sea Ghost Douluo
  7. Sea Witch Sacred Pillar - Sea Woman Douluo

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