Plate Crystal Gold
Plate Crystal Gold
Name Plate Crystal Gold
Also Known As
Type Material

Plate Crystal Gold is the best hair crystal. Hair rrystal is a natural crystal that under certain circumstances, receiving outside influence, inside the crystal emerges some golden thread-like substance, this kind of golden thread is known as crystal hair or called hair gold, looking like the crystal’s hair. Regardless of what color crystal, as long as within it appears a crystal hair, its value also exceeds the best natural crystal of the same weight.

Plate Crystal Gold is all in a disordered mess and the quantity is scarce. But hair crystals that have existed particularly long, have the opportunity to increase hair gold quantity. As hair gold quantity reaches a certain degree, within the crystal they gather together, the gold hair seemingly forming plates, this kind of hair crystal is known as Plate Crystal Gold. The reason is that the golden hair quantity within is numerous, and also has an extremely regular pattern, therefore, hair crystal is known as the best quality among hair crystals.

Uses Edit

Tang San bought this material in Flender's Shop and Ning Rongrong bought this material too in Gengxin City and it is used to create a lot of Dragon Beard Needles.

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