Peacock Plume
Name Peacock Plume
Also Known As
Type Hidden Weapon

Description Edit

Peacock Plume is the third most formidable hidden weapon. Cylindrical in shape, it is 33.3cm long, with a cross section diameter of nearly 3 meters. Although it follows the same principle as the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, its winding mechanism is more intricate. It is composed of three large sections: The plume, the internal mechanism and the fitted hidden weapons. The peacock plume holds a staggering 365 hidden weapons which can be shot at once. If ejected it can cover a range of several dozen square meters.

The 365 hidden weapons can be divided into twelve different types, all of which are needle shaped hidden weapons. These twelve different hidden weapons are:

  • Bone Piercing Needles

  • Thunderflame Needles

  • Armour Breaking Needles

  • Blade Splitting Needles

  • Devil Subduing Needles

  • Overlord Needles

  • Deep Yin Needles

  • Dragon Breaking Needles

  • Lust Drowning Needles

  • Dragon Beard Needles

  • Meteor Extermination Needles

  • Seven Murder Needles

    If the twelve needles are instantly fired, as long as one breaks through and hits the opponent, the opponent will definitely die.

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