Mu Xi
Mu Xi
Name Mu Xi
Also Known As Fiery Queen
Species Human
Age 14
Gender Female
Hair Color Gold
Eye Color Yellow
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Mu Chen (Father)
Spirit Shining Sun
Spirit Rank Spirit Elder - Rank 30+
Spirit Rings 2 Yellow
Professional Status
Occupation Student

4-star Rank Blacksmith

Affiliation Blacksmith's Association

Eastsea Academy
Shrek Academy

Light Novel Debut Chapter 42
Manhua Debut Chapter 20

Description Edit

Mu Xi is tall and exceptionally pretty with a pair of large, bright eyes. Her golden hair is combed and put into a ponytail. She has a charming figure, tall and thin. Although she hasn’t finished maturing yet, she still has a bit of the scent of a young woman. 

Personality Edit

She is quite stubborn and hard-working and she also takes being a blacksmith seriously. She is quite talented for her age which is due to talent and hard work.

She initially had disdain for Tang Wulin because he was a better blacksmith than her, while being younger than her. She also didn't like the fact that her father started comparing her with Tang Wulin and be disappointed, secretly. However, as she saw the unprecedented speed of Tang Wulin's growth in smithing, she stopped having any jealousy and anger towards him as she realized the gap between them could never be filled. Thus, she started being nicer to him and started noticing his exceptionally handsome face. She truly took on the role of being his senior disciple sister.

Plot Edit

Since the time not long after she was born, her favorite pastime had been to observe her father as he forged. Her father had mentioned that this rough and weight-laden process of forging was not suitable for girls, but was for men. However, the stubbornness in her kicked in and she stood by her choice to become a blacksmith. She started training at the mere age of five, and started crafting small hammers. Her father thought that it was a joke at first. However, after seeing her persistence for two years, and mimicking his every action, it finally moved the heart of the Eastsea City’s Blacksmith’s Association President, Mu Chen.

Mu Xi inherited her father’s martial soul. That alone made it suitable for her to become a blacksmith. In addition, she was willing to put in the extra effort. Mu Chen couldn’t help but search for some rare herbs in order to try maintaining his daughter’s figure. While she was training to gain the adequate strength to become a blacksmith, her figure had taken the toll and turned stockier in the process.

Mu Xi’s passion for forging came from the bottom of her heart. She was officially a first rank blacksmith at the age of eleven. Her progression grew at an exhilarating speed under Mu Chen’s tutelage. Not long after her thirteenth birthday, she took the rank upgrading test and passed immediately.