Fighting Style Edit

Mad Xi is a quite calculating character and likes to use his Power Attack System strength in order to rush and crush their opponents.

Spirit Edit


Info Image
Initial Skill
  • Name: Rhinoceros
  • Type: Beast Spirit
  • Gives the constitution of a Rhinoceros.
  • Produces a horn.
  • Thickens the skin.

1st Spirit Ring Edit

  • Name: Supreme Crazy Blow
  • Delivers an extremely strong punch.

Spirit Beast
  • Unknown
  • Age: 10+ years
  • Spirit Ring Colour: White
Supreme Crazy Blow

2nd Spirit Ring Edit

  • Name: Crazy Rushing Horn
  • Rush at the opponent with incredible speed and strength.

Spirit Beast
  • Unknown
  • Age: 100+ years
  • Spirit Ring Colour: Yellow
Crazy Rushing Horn

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