Fighting Style

Yuhao utilizes a combination of mental attacks, illusions, ice power attacks, ice element control, Tang Sect techniques, Spirit guides, HaoDong fusion and spirit fusion attacks, wisdom and power of his Familiars, and mental sharing to dominate and control every battle he is in.

Tang Sect Techniques

Mysterious Heaven Skill

It is a method for training internal qi by circulating the spirit energy through 10 times the number of meridians than are traditionally used for spirit cultivation. This allows Huo Yuhao to resist extreme pressure, poison, and helps with recovering of injuries and stamina. Daily practice of this technique also has the effect of widening and removing impurities from meridians, as well as gradually improving physique. Huo Yuhao accidentally created a method of circulating internal qi without entering a state of meditation making him able to cultivate while moving.

Purple Demon Eye

Huo Yuhao trains in the Purple Demon Eye, and uses it in combination with his Spirit Eyes to effectively incapacitate opponents. It has four levels.

  • Perception

  • Attention

  • Intoxication

  • Immersion

After digesting the Mystic Water Pill obtained from Beibei, Yuhao was able to ascend to the Intoxication level of the Purple Demon Eye.

Mysterious Jade Hand

Mysterious Jade Hand causes the palm of the hand to become extremely tough and tensile. Moreover it can obstruct any poison.

Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track

This is a technique which allows Yuhao to move with extreme speed and traverse difficult terrains.


Huo Yuhao initially only possessed one spirit essence, a mutated rare type of Body Spirit called Spirit Eyes. After traveling north and combining his mind with the Ice Scorpion Emperor's, he now has dual spirit essence, with the Ice Scorpion Emperor beast spirit as his second essence. Yilai has promised him a third spirit essence, though Yuhao has yet to acquire it.

Spirit Eyes

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Initial Skill

  • Name: Spirit Eyes


  • Improved Time Perception
  • Telescopic Sight
  • Detailed Vision
  • It's abilities was boost by Purple Demon Eye cultivation
Spirit Eye Mug

1st Spirit Ring Ability

Name: Mental Detection/Spirit Spy

  • Enhanced Vision:
  • Slows the perception of time.
  • Perceive minute details in the environment including the slightest movement or muscle twitch, motion vectors, spirit power, and distance to objects. Also creates the feeling that there's a secondary brain helping one process all the information.
  • 360 degree Stereoscopic Vision: initially is within a range of 30 meters in diameter, however max distance increases with Spirit Level and training. Can see everything within the range, from any angle desired, even if one's eyes are closed.
  • Improved Telescopic Vision: same effects as Stereoscopic Vision, but in a straight line ahead of user rather than 360 degrees. Range is greatly increased over the 360 degree version due to focusing the ability.

Additional Effects gained due to Daydream Brother:

Name: Mental Disturbance

  • Effect: Temporarily disrupts the mental state and senses of the opponent.

Name: Soul Assault

  • Effect: Causes a shock to the soul of the targeted opponent.

Name: Mental Distribution/Spirit Resonance

  • Effect: Allows others to share in the effect of Mental Detection. Initially is with up to 3 others, but the number increases with training.

Spirit Ring

Mental Detection

2nd Spirit Ring

  • Name: Imitation / Illusion


  • Allows the user to  appear as something or someone else in both form and aura. User can even appear perfectly fine despite being greatly exhausted.
  • Can be used to change the color of one's spirit rings and create entirely fake ones.
  • Can hide attacks and/or make them look like they're heading toward a different target.

Spirit Ring

  • Origin: Ice Silkworm
  • Age: 3,000 Years
  • Colour: Purple
Yuhao Second Spirit Ability

Ice Scorpion Emperor

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Initial Skill

  • Name: Absolute Ice Essence


  • All Ice produced is of the Absolute type, thus having no elemental weakness (ie can't be affected by fire, nor be defeated by normal means.)
  • The user can share their Absolute Essence with nearby ice users.
  • The user can domineer over other ice users, controlling their ice and preventing them from using their ice.
  • The user can freeze Spirit Power into Ice Fog
Using Ice to freeze Spirit Power

1st Spirit Ring

  • Pincers of The Ice Emperor: Resembles the claw of the Ice Emperor- allows the hands and forearms of user to become extremely tough, every ice crystal on the surface of the pincers has a powerful refraction ability. Increases strength of user.
  • Ice Emperor's Body Defense: Ice crystals appears on the surface of the body which protects the user.

Spirit Ring

Ice Scorpion Armor


info image
pseudo-spirit(not a true spirit)
  • antonishing death aura and ash-grey eyes
  • aparently, it uses mental power as well
1st spirit ring:
  • it can purify death aura
  • usage of undead holy spells:
  • "sourge": Opens the door to the halfplane allowing undead of varying strengths to flow out under his command.

origin: elux

age:unknow(don't have)

colour: dark grey(gold stripes)


Spirit Bones

HYSpirit Bone1

Skull Bone -

Torso - Ice Jade Emperor Scorpion

Obtained when the 400,000+ years Ice Jade Emperor Scorpion sacrificed herself to become a spirit ring for Huo Yu Hao's second spirit.


  • Domain of Perpetual Ice: A domain type ability that causes the area around user to freeze up quickly.
  • Ice Emperor's Fury: An incredibly strong ice ability accompanied with an enormous amount of pressure released from the user.

Right Arm Bone -

Left Arm - Soul of Secret Arts


A reward from Teacher Zhou Yi for placing first in the Freshmen Examination. This Soul of Secret Arts spirit bone was obtained using a unique and cruel method. It is possible to obtain a spirit bone with a ten percent chance if you kill a hundred spirit beasts within an hour and use secret arts to activate their spirit rings. It is a relatively simple method to obtain a spirit bone. But, since it has a low chance of success, and it is extremely cruel, very few spirit masters would do it.

  • Ability: increases spirit power by 50% and can be merged with 2 other similar attribute spirit bones. This 50% increase will remain from beginning to end. When cultivation has reached a high enough level, its percentage increase will become more apparent.

Right Leg Bone -

Left Leg Bone -

External Bone - Dark Gold Fear Claw


Huo Yuhao obteined this Spirit Bone from a three thousand years Dark Gold Fear Claw Bear at the Star Luo Forest.

Beast Spirit Souls

1.) 1,000,000 years 【Daydream Ice Silkworm

2.) 400,000 years 【Ice Jade Emperor Scorpion

Triple Innate Battle Spirit Fusion

It is the spirit fusion of Wang Dong and Yuhao; they have a 100% fusion affinity rate which almost impossible as both party needs a high compatibility to each other.They can mix their soul force when in contact, multiplying it's regeneration, power and speed, it also affects the strength of their fusions.Additionally, whenever they are in physical contact, they can share energy with each other, however either of them using this power for spirit abilities is up to Yuhao's discretion due to Daydream manipulating the initial process that created this fusion power. According to Daydream Ice Silkworm,although their 3rd spirit was currently not fusable to each other,they can still fuse it's aura thus it further strengthen their fusion.[1]

After some experimentation at the suggestion of Wang Yan, Yuhao and Wang Dong found that since they both currently have a two usable battle spirits, they have not only 1 but 4 possible Spirit Fusion Attacks.
HaoDong cultivation
The fusing of their qi not only unlocked a powerful attack, but also allowed them to work together during meditation to accelerate essence cultivation by putting their hands together.

Spirit Eyes + Bright Goddess Butterfly

Name: Fading In Radiance, Golden Road (Dying in the Bright, Golden Road in the Manhua)

Effect: A golden path in a straight line, forcing target's spirit rings to deactivate, seals the target's spirit essence and makes the person(s) fall unconscious (although targets with much higher spirit levels will stay conscious) while still standing like a golden statue. Leaves behind a golden indentation where it carved a path in the ground. The attack is essentially an improved version of Soul Assault, augmented with the destructive force of the Bright Goddess Butterfly.

  • tournament#1 first round enemy defeated by golden road

Ice Scorpion Emperor + Clear Sky Hammer

Name: Blaze Amidst the Frost, the Heavenly Emperor's Hammer

Effect: Summons a grown up version of Huo Yuhao. He then creates a giant ice hammer and smashes it down on the enemy.

Spirit Eyes + Clear Sky Hammer

Name: Mantra Amidst the Void, Spiritual Tempest

Effect: Giant humanoid shape appears and rains countless golden hammers on the enemy. This skill fuses the Clear Sky Hammer's most powerful attack with Huo Yuhao's spiritual shock. This spirit fusion attack doesn't use much soul power but it demand on spiritual power is terrifying. This attack could directly go through an opponent's spiritual sea to unceasingly attack one's spirit by using various memories, it doesnt do as simple as destroying one's spirit, but targets one's consciousness. This spirit fusion skill is strong enough to affect Huang Heyun, the Heavenfiend Lonestar Douluo while Huo Yuhao is Spirit Grandmaster and Wangdong is Spirit Elder.

Ice Scorpion Emperor + Bright Goddess Butterfly

Name: Solitary Dance Amidst Frost, Raiment of Light

Effect: Summons a humongous "goddess butterfly" that looks like grown up Wang Dong powerful enough to disperse a Spirit Fusion attack produced by Yuhao's and Wang Dong's peers. This is the only one out of four spirit fusion that is under control of Wang Dong.



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