Family Edit

Huo Wushuang Edit

Huo Wushuang is Huo Wu's big brother. She cares for his brother and is confident in his strength. She is sometimes restrained by him when she goes to do something impulsive.

Godwind Academy Edit

Feng Xiaotian Edit

Feng Xiaotian is a friend of Huo Wu. She is aware of his feelings for her and promises to go out with him if he defeats Tang San. Over the course of the years she accepts his love and falls in love with him. She is extremely proud of his achievements.

Shrek Academy Edit

Tang San Edit

Huo Wu despises Tang San for defeating her. She views him as his number one rival is passionate to defeat him often trying to provoke him into a fight. She wishes to defeat him even at the cost of her own life. Her anger cools down a bit after Tang San saves her life from her attack and offers him her first kiss as a reward.

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