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Huo Che Xiang
Huo Che Xiang
Name Huo Che Xiang
Also Known As
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Spirit Flaming Sword
Spirit Rank Spirit Ancestor - Rank 40
Spirit Rings
System Power Attack System
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Affiliation Blazing Academy
Light Novel Debut
Manhua Debut Chapter 96

Appearance Edit

He is a tall slender youth with a black hair and tattoos on his arms.

Plot Edit

Huo Che Xiang right at the start of the match unleashes his spirit, attacks Huang Yuan, and pushes him out of the ring.

Then he confronts Tang San in his Darkening Mode who pays no attention to him. When Huo Wu looses control and goes berserk, he still is unwilling to leave the ring. He then attacks Tang San who, with a sing hit removes him from the ring.

Navigation Edit

Blazing Academy

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