Fighting Style Edit

As a control system Spirit Master, Hu Liena specializes in controlling the battlefield to her advantage by utilizing her Charm abilities.

Spirit Edit


Info Image
Initial Skill
  • Name: Fox
  • Type: Beast Spirit
  • Gives the constitution of a Fox.
  • Gives charm abilities.
Hu Lena 2

4th Spirit Ring (Manhua) Edit

  • Name: Chaos Fog
  • Gas that confuses the enemy and slows them down.
Spirit Ring
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Age: 1,000+ years
  • Colour: Purple
Chaos Fog

Spirit Bones Edit

Skull Bone Edit

Hu Liena obtained a Skull Bone from Bibi Dong prior to going to the Killing Fields.

Spirit Beast

  • Unknown


  • Increased wisdom

Fox Tail Edit

Fox Tail

The Fox Tail is and External Spirit Bone possessed by Hu Liena which is a Sacral Bone, and produces a tail which can elongate for 5 meters and contain massive strength.

Spirit Beast

  • Unknown


  • Has massive power and is able to be used as a powerful weapon

Spirit Fusion Edit

Charm Demon Edit

Charm Demon is a Spirit Fusion ability between Xie Yue and Hu Liena which specializes as a Control System Spirit Fusion ability.


  • Senses reduced by 50%
  • Spirit Power suppressed by 50%
  • All actions slowed by 50%

Devil Monster Edit

  • Manhua only.

Devil Monster is a Spirit Fusion ability between Hu Liena, Xie Yue and Yan.


  • Continuous Purple Flame Bullet

Other Edit

Deathgod Domain Edit

Death God Domain is obtained by Hu Liena following successfully traversing the Hell Road of Slaughter City and obtaining the Deathgod Title where the murderous aura obtained from numerous killings done in the Hell Slaughter Arena is absorbed and condensed into a domain, which can be released at any time.

It provides imposing manner and pressure formed from killing intent which can leave the opponents unable to display their full strength, but the user himself can exhibit one hundred twenty percent of their strength. With the growth of spirit, the proportion of weakening the opponent and strengthening oneself will also increase.

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