Great Sumeru Hammer
Name Great Sumeru Hammer
Also Known As

Description Edit

This is a special technique taught to only one person in each generation of Clear Sky Clan.

This technique involves condensing all spirit rings into one body, and then channeling it into Clear Sky Hammer, turning into the purest strength and attack power. The Great Sumeru Hammer is actually a Divine technique, only able to be fully utilized when the user attains God level.

  • Exploding Ring - It is a life-risking technique of the Great Sumeru Hammer. Each spirit ring can perform the exploding ring once. The power of each spirit ring could burst out completely and turn into power, merged to the attack to create formidable force that far surpassed the original attack. The higher the quality of the spirit rings, the greater the force will be. Each spirit ring can launch one attack. After all had exploded, the user will become very fragile. If the user can't control the power of the exploding rings, he will be devoured by the exploding power.

Users Edit

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