Golden Iron Triangle Spirit Fusion
Golden Iron Triangle Spirit Fusion
Name Golden Iron Triangle Spirit Fusion
Also Known As
Type Spirit Fusion

Description Edit

Golden Iron Triangle Spirit Fusion is a Spirit Fusion ability shown between Flender, Yu Xiaogang and Liu Erlong. They have a Spirit Harmonization of over 90% and uses Yu Xiaogang's Luo San Pao as means to attack.

Appearance Edit

Following the Spirit Fusion, Luo San Pao grows to twenty meters in length. The scales on its back split open, and two enormous dragon wings unfurl. As the dragon wings extend it is able to hover in the air without the need for support. The originally honest and straightforward eyes radiate power, and just like its body had become completely golden.

Abilities Edit

Flight Edit

Provided by Flenders Owl Spirit, the Golden Dragon has the ability to fly.

Dragon Fire Edit

Provided by Liu Erlongs Dragon Spirit, the Golden Dragon has the ability to breath out fire.

Fire & Lightning Combined Attack Edit

The Golden Saint Dragon Luo San Pao fuses golden light flashing from its sharp claws with golden lightning generated by the two horns on its head, and shooting at its enemy.

Dragon's Might Edit

The Golden Saint Dragon emits a mighty roar that sends shockwaves against its enemy.

Golden Shield Edit

Grandmaster loudly calls out for what was originally San Pao’s spirit ability, but as the Golden Saint Dragon, a golden fog rushes out from under Luo San Pao’s dragon tail, forming a golden shield in midair to resist attacks.

True Golden Dragon Edit

The Golden Saint Dragon's whole body erupts with golden light like flame, charging straight into its enemy.

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