Golden Dragon King
Golden Dragon King
Name Golden Dragon King
Also Known As
Species Dragon
Vital Status

Description Edit

The Golden Dragon King has five claws, and it's entire body is covered in large golden scales. A pair of horns sprout from it's head, and it's form serpentine. It doesn’t have any wings and it has five claws under it's belly. The Golden Dragon King possesses the greatest physical strength.

The dragon is over a hundred meters long and has eighteen rings of light around it. It has a pure cold voice.The dragon can change to human form, where his body is made purely of golden light and shadows.

History Edit

It is originally a part of the Dragon God, which later divided into two parts Silver Dragon King, which had it's immense spiritual power and control of the elements and the Golden Dragon King, which had it's godly physical power. Golden Dragon King's overall strength was equal to a God King, but it needs more than two God King in order to defeat it,as it possess Dragon God's formidable defence.

The Golden Dragon King was sealed in Tang Wulin's body with eighteen seals, that he has to remove if he wants to live. It will allow him to slowly absorb the Golden Dragon Kings essence/soul into his body to slowly get stronger and be able to absorb more of it before the seals are broken prematurely.