Flying God Claw
Flying God Claw
Name Flying God Claw
Also Known As
Type Hidden Weapon

Description Edit

It is a cylindrical object made entirely out of metal, its surface appearing silvery. It can be worn as a seemingly normal gauntlet completely covering the lower arm. The cylinder adhered to the arm, without the slightest amount of swaying, appearing tightly fit. At the front of the top of the Flying God Claw, five rings are present which are fastened to the five fingers.

The Flying God Claw should be constructed according to the specifics of the user.

Mechanism Edit

When the fist is tightened, with a sharp and clear sonorous sound, a metal cone shoots out, just far enough to move farther than the palm. Immediately afterward, the metal cone’s front end burst open, changing into a metal claw. The claw has five fingers. After the metal claw has been fastened, there are five different operations to be used.

First, holding the fist closed but extending the forefinger, then, the metal claw will once again spring open, recovering to its previous appearance.

Second, if the middle finger is extended, then the metal claw will cut down with all its power, its strength is enormous, approximately able to pierce a thick steel plate.

As for the other three kinds of functions, there are other corresponding effects.

With the extension of the thumb, the steel claw attached on top of the arm guard shoots out like a bolt of lightning grabbing on to the intended target. Attached to the back of the steel claw is a fine metal rope.

Forefinger shooting out, releases the steel claw.

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