Golden Iron TriangleEdit

Yu Xiaogang Edit

Flender deeply cares for Yu Xiaogang. He considers him his best friend and a brother. When his love was rejected for Yu Xiaogang, without any jealousy he gave his blessing and also worked hard to bring them back together.

Liu Erlong Edit

Flender used to be in love with Liu Erlong. Having confessed and rejected because she was in love with Yu Xiaogang, he comes to care for her as a sister. He buries his feelings deep down and helps her to get back together with Yu Xiaogang.

Shrek Academy Edit

Zhao Wuji Edit

Flender and Zhao Wuji are good friends and tangle with each other from time to time. He trusts Zhao Wuji with the affairs of the Shrek Academy when he is not around.

Shrek Seven Devils Edit

Ma Hongjun Edit

Ma Hongjun is Flender's direct disciple. He cares deeply for him and allows him to indulge in his vulgar activities to satisfy the side effects of his spirits. He listens to Ma Hongjun and is capable of being consoled by him.

Dai Mubai Edit

Flender has great trust in Dai Mubai's strength. He even allowed him to be a bouncer and 4th examiner in the Shrek Academy enrollment.

Tang San Edit

Flender is very impressed by Tang San. He also cares for him since he is Yu Xiaogang's disciple. He trusts in him to bring victory without any failures.

Ning Rongrong Edit

Flender does not care much for Ning Rongrong's background, shirking off her tantrums when she tried to be a brat.