Fighting Style Edit

Flender uses his flight to take advantage over his opponents. Along with his flight he uses his strength and superior agility to take down his opponents.

Spirit Edit

Flender has the beast spirit Owl.

4th Spirit Ring Edit

Name: Air Blade


  • Produces extremely sharp blades made of air.

Spirit Ring

  • Origin: Unknown
  • Age: 1,000+ years
  • Colour: Purple

7th Spirit Ring Edit

Name: Owl Avatar


  • Increased strength.
  • Increased agility.

Spirit Ring

  • Origin: Unknown
  • Age: 10,000+ years
  • Colour: Black

Spirit Fusion Edit

Flender along with Yu Xiaogang and Liu Erlong forms the Golden Iron Triangle Spirit Fusion which has spirit harmonization of over 90% and is very powerful.

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