Fifteen Ton Ant
Name Fifteen Ton Ant
Also Known As
Species Insect Beast
Vital Status

Description Edit

Fifteen Ton Ants are a kind of spirit beast with extremely tenacious vitality. Their defensive capabilities are outstanding, capable of resisting attacks. Moreover, their strength is extremely outstanding, far disproportionate to their size. As a kind of Spirit Beast, they have no spirit abilities of their own.

Appereance Edit

Ten year cultivation Fifteen Ton Ants would be around ten centimeters long, with just one pair of teeth that could break solid things. Hundred year cultivation Fifteen Ton Ants won’t be more than twenty centimeters. Finally at thousand year cultivation, they have the chance to grow to one chi. If Fifteen Ton Ants cultivate past ten thousand years, they grow to be around two chi. At thirty thousand years they reach one meter.

Ninety thousand year Fifteen Ton Ant has a three meter long body that is covered with a dull golden carapace, with six solid and powerful segmented legs. On its head are six eyes, two large and four small, that release a dark green light. Each has a pair of huge transparent wings on their backs, clearly able to fly. There are also two protruding sword-like teeth, and at the same time two solid forelimbs, a bit like the giant claws of scorpions, but not completely, even more like three needles tied together. Swinging them left and right, besides the dull golden color, they also have a particular green layer.

Significant Specimens Edit

30.000+ years Edit

It was the Fifteen Ton Ant King with more lifespan know by Grandmaster . It is the eighth ring of Tai Tan.

90.000+ years Edit

There are three Fifteen Ton Ants Emperors brothers in the Star Dou Forest.

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