Eastsea City
Name Eastsea City
Also Known As
Empire Sun-Moon Federation

Description Edit

Eastsea City is the second largest seaside city in the Sun-Moon Federation. It's main feature is it's port, which serve as a nexus for travelling the seas and exploiting the resources of the ocean.

The city has a population of over three million people. By exploiting the natural resources in the ocean, the city is able to prosper. Even when compare to the rest of the Sun-Moon Federation, it can still be considered a second-tier city.

Every single city has their own armed forces. Apart from the police force which keep order in the city, there is also their military force. Eastsea City is major coastal city, thus the federation has deployed five hundred soul mecha here to form a mecha brigade. Their capitain is Guang Biao.

History Edit

Eastsea City has a long history and it's overall appearance has preserved it's original state of a simple and unadorned style. In the last several hundred years, the Sun-Moon Federation has taken extra care to protect some of the more ancient buildings. Thus, many of the millennia old buildings can be found in this ancient city.

Places of Importance Edit

Blacksmith Association Edit

Eastsea Academy Edit

Eastsea Museum Edit

Spirit Pagoda Edit



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