Family Edit

Dugu Bo Edit

Dugu Bo is Dugu Yan's grandfather. She loves him dearly and is doted by him in return. She admires her grandfather and often uses his influence to look down on others.

Emperor Team Edit

Yu Tianheng Edit

Yu Tianheng is Dugu Yan's boyfriend. It is shown that she cares for him a lot, as seen when she lost her temper and unleashes her deadly poison with intent to kill following Shrek Academy causing injury to him.

Yu Feng Edit

Yu Feng is a teammate of Dugu Yan and often teases him.

Shrek Academy Edit

Qin Ming Edit

Qin Ming was Dugu Yan's former teacher at the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy. She has great respect for him and he is also one of her role models.

Tang San Edit

Dugu Yan despises Tang San following her defeat against him. Despite him being more powerful, she looks down on him.

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