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I don’t know about others, but if you underestimate this little freak, then I can guarantee that you’ll get the worst of it in a fight against him.

—Dugu Bo, to Dugu Yan when he brings her to cure her poison.

Dugu Bo

Dugu Bo Fan Art

Dugu Bo 3

Jade Phosphor Serpent

Name Dugu Bo
Chinese 独孤博
Also Known As Poison Douluo

Jade Phosphour Douluo Old Freak

Species Human
Age 90+
Gender Male
Hair Color Green
Eye Color
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Dugu Yan
Spirit Jade Phosphor Serpent
Spirit Rank Title Douluo - Rank 92
Spirit Rings 2 Yellow

2 Purple
5 Black

System Control System
Professional Status
Occupation Adviser of Shrek Academy
Tang Sect Elder
Affiliation Shrek Academy
Heaven Dou Empire
Tang Sect
Light Novel Debut Chapter 60
Manhua Debut Chapter 60

Dugu Bo is a Title Douluo known as the Poison Douluo. He is the grandfather of Dugu Yan and the adviser of Shrek Academy.

Appearance Edit

He is an old person. His face is expressionless, or perhaps it should be said his expression was completely rigid. He wears only simple and unadorned grey robes with his hands tucked into his sleeves. He has green hair and beard, beryl eyes, green fingernails, eyes as ice cold and vicious as a viper.

Personality Edit

Dugu Bo has a ruthless personality. His only soft spot is probably for his own granddaughter who inherited his Spirit and later Tang San who he cares for as his own grandson. Being a Title Douluo he is not afraid to use his power to oppress other people. He is cunning and calculating. He is also a loner who likes to be detached from society and keep to himself, enjoying his freedom greatly.

Commonly looking down on others, he can grow to respect them if they sufficiently impress him, such as Tang San for his talent or the Golden Iron Triangle for not fearing death. He is also someone who does not lightly make promises and will keep his word.

Despite his arrogance, he is still a cautious and intelligent man, not willing to take needless risk, also unwilling to needlessly endanger himself and is not willing to fight people stronger than him or recklessly test plants he doesn't understand.

History Edit

Due to the nature of his Spirit, he had been suffering a long time from its poisonous effects. The poison in his body causes ache over two ribs, one that gradually grows stronger, flaring up around noon and midnight and late every night, approximately around midnight, on top of the head and heart having a pricking pain like a pincushion causing the whole body to spasm for at least an hour.

Plot Edit

Ice And Fire Yin Yang Well Edit

He arrives along with Xue Xing in order to remove the Shrek Academy from the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy. Having heard about Tang San before from his granddaughter Dugu Yan he kidnaps him with the intent to kill. However he stops when Tang San accurately deduces the nature of his poison that is causing harm to his body and says he is able to dissolve the poison in his body. In order to measure the knowledge of Tang San regarding poisons, he gives him a challenge, to resist 3 of his poisons from using anything in his medicinal garden with the promise he would give any 3 things that he would ask for in return.

He takes Tang San to the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well and leaves him there to get ready for the challenge. He is then confronted by the Golden Iron Triangle for kidnapping Tang San. Reluctant to use his full power because of his medicinal garden, he fights them but however is stopped by Tang San, who covers for Dugu Bo saying he only wanted to instruct him in the ways of poison. Already surprised by Tang San's perseverance, Dugu Bo says he will return Tang San within 6 months to 1 years time.

The two return to the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well and start the challenge. Tang San successfully withstands Dugu Bo's Jade Phosphor Serpent poison, Nine Segment Jade poison from Jade Green Snake and Dugu Bo's inherent toxin of the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor poison.

Dugu Bo convinced Tang San can cure him of his poison and that of his granddaughter allows him to stay and concoct an antidote. The two develop a close friendly relationship learning things from each other. Six months later having being cured from most of his poison, Dugu Bo gives Tang San the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse and receives Cluster Soul Chasing Ball in return. He also promises to never harm any member of the Shrek Academy, to let Tang San take anything from his medicinal garden and become an adviser for the Shrek Academy. He along with Tang San returns to the Shrek Academy and gets a separate area at the Academy as his accommodation.

Shrek Academy Edit

Later he brings along his granddaughter to Tang San to cure her of her poison, to which Tang Sang provides the antidote.

After the end of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament Qualifiers he comes to Tang San when he is in a very confused and dark mood and gives him advice that helps to rejuvenate Tang San's spirit and clear his doubts.

Royal Family's Poison Edit

Dugu Bo meets with Tang San again after he incites the Imperial Forbidden Regiment. Dugu Bo not recognized the changed appearance of Tang San is about to attack him when Tang San reveals who is he by showing him proof. They get together to have a chat during which the two exchange stories on the going on's in each other's life. Dugu Bo further reveals the tragic events occurred to the Imperial Family and the Emperor's poison all which is suspected to be done by Xue Qinghe. He then parts with Tang San to further investigate the incidences in the royal family.

Dugu Bo manages to suppress the poison during every outbreak which however becomes increasingly hard. When he hears that Tang San had returned, he immediately brings him and Yang Wudi to try to find a cure to save the Emperor. However their path is barred by Qinghe who then makes the two Title Douluo attack them. Dugu Bo confronts Ci Xue who had been specifically brought to hold him down as poison was useless against Ci Xue. However thanks to the assistance of Yang Wudi who confronts She Long and helps injure Ci Xue, they manage to gain the upper hand. Dugu Bo then fights against She Long. He and Yang Wudi manage to hold down the two opposing Title Douluo as Tang San fights against Qian Renxue. The final combined attack of the two manages to destroy half of Ci Xue's body putting him on the verge of death.

With the arrival of the Golden Iron Triangle, they manage to take the upper hand forcing She Long and Ci Xue to retreat with the unconscious Qian Renxue. They then immediately check on Emperor Xue Ye and bring him back to the Shrek Academy. He and Yang Wudi work together and manages to stabilize the Emperor's condition by making an antidote.

Differences in the Manhua Edit

  • He looks younger in the manhua than he does in his novel description, due to Title Douluo retaining their youthful appearance in the comics. He also lacks a beard.

  • In the comics, he was more somber about not having friends, of his free will gave Tang the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse so that he could take some herbs (though not everything).

  • He was more remorseful about his sons death, and shown to act less prideful and more childish.

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