Blue Coppertite
Name Blue Coppertite
Also Known As
Type Material

Description Edit

Blue Coppertite is a type of copper alloy that is composed of thirty percent copper, a trace of coppertite, and a variety of other trace elements. Coppertite is a special compound and the origin of the metal’s name. It’s an excellent conductor of spirit power and is even called a spirit power amplifier.

It is a metal with irregular, life-like veins running through it. Depending on the angle from which one looks at it, the lines will take on a completely different appearance.

Uses Edit

Spirit Masters usually choose this metal when building their Battle Armors, but since it has numerous impurities and a complex internal structure, it is extremely difficult to forge. It cannot be properly Hundred Refined and instead needs the Thousand Refinement to purify it. Only when the properties of Blue Coppertite have been stabilized and condensed can it be considered completely Thousand Refined.

Blue Coppertite can amplify the power of a Battle Armor part between 110 and 115 percent.

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