Fighting Style Edit

Beibei is a calm and collected person who uses his intellect to fight against his opponents using his Power Attack System. As a member of the Tang Sect, he also makes use of skills from the sect during his battles.

Spirit Edit

Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon (Golden Saint Dragon)

1st Spirit Ring Edit

Name: Thunder Dragon Claw


  • Discharge blue lightning shaped like a claw.

Spirit Beast

  • Unknown - 100+ years

2nd Spirit Ring Edit

Name: Might of Thunder


  • A net made of lightning.

Spirit Beast

  • Unknown - 100+ years

3rd Spirit Ring Edit

Name: Thunder Fury


  • Lightning abilities increased by 100%
  • Spirit power increased by 50%

Spirit Beast

  • Unknown - 1,000+ years

Tang Sect Techniques Edit

Mysterious Heaven Skill Edit

It is a method for training internal qi. This allows Beibei to resist extreme pressure, poison and helps with recovering of injuries.

Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track Edit

This is a technique which allows Beibei to move with extreme speed and traverse difficult terrains.

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