Angel Shrine
Name Angel Shrine
Also Known As
Founder Angel God

Description Edit

Angel Shrine is the palace where lives the Angel God and is the place of the ninth trial of Angel God.

The palace is hexagonal, six giant golden pillars supporting the roof. There are no walls, and everything around is illusory. Whether it is the floor, ceiling or those six giant pillars, everything is carved with countless inscriptions. These inscriptions form the appearance of angel feathers.

It is surrounded by endless night, speckle with myriad stars, and the palace seems to float within this night space.

In the center of the palace is a three meter tall angel statue. It looks exactly the same as the one in Elder palace, only much smaller. This angel isn’t made from gold, but is rather dull grey. In front of the statue, an equally grey longsword is stuck in the ground. Six wings spread out behind it, vivid and lifelike.

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